hypernova; Learn. Do. Share. Repeat.

hypernova; Learn. Do. Share. Repeat.

What is hypernova?

Hypernova is a hackerspace in the early stages of forming, located in Northwest Indiana. We are engineers, coders, digital artists and hackers from all walks of life. We come together to share knowledge, help each other with our projects, or just hang out. Read More

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hypernova; Learn. Do. Share. Repeat.
"Flashy" Pinewood Derby Cars PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aron Hoekstra   
Saturday, 09 April 2011 09:30
My sons have been in Cub Scouts now for 4 years, up to now I think I've made some pretty cool cars.. Bumblebee & Barricade from Transformers, Mario Kart, and a Halo Warthog. But nothing has really had that 'WOW' factor I was going for.. So this year, I decided to light things up a bit by embedding some electronics in their cars. I searched the rules and found nothing prohibitting electronics, so long as it doesn't aid in propulsion. We had just seen the new Tron Legacy movie, which my younger son, Adam liked so for him we agreed to make the Light Runner car, as seen in the movie. My older son was a little harder to think of an idea.. I would have to make it have lights some way too and came across pictures on the internet of someone else who had done a Wiimote and thought I could do it a little better with some real working lights.

Here are the results..

More Detailed Build Process............

Meet "Pot Pi", a Mini Sumo Bot PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aron Hoekstra   
Monday, 08 November 2010 12:25

This is my first attempt to build a robot. I designed it to participate in the Mini Sumo (500g) division competitions. I basically built it from a lot of spare parts I had laying around, hence the name. I think the electronics work flawlessly, though the physical shape is the current limitation. He doesn't really stand a chance against wedge-shaped sumo bots.

pot pi

For this project, I designed a custom PCB using the ExpressPCB Mini Board service and I used their software. $51 for 3 boards, you can't beat that!

Hackerspace forming in Northwest Indiana PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aron Hoekstra   
Friday, 05 November 2010 21:49

So..we're just getting started. We held our first informal meeting at Crown Brewery on 10/21/2010. We had a good time just discussing our interests over a couple beers. As a quick recap we briefly discussed formation of a non-profit and where we might look for a temporary space.

We're seeking artists, designers, engineers, coders, hackers, makers or anyone of the DIY persuasion.

Until we have a space of our own, we'll meet up at bars in the area. I would like to welcome anyone who is interested to attend our next meeting. We'll meet up at Mighty Mick's, a bar in Winfield (Crown Point), IN. The address is 10727 Randolph St. Crown Point, IN. We'll discuss forming a non-profit in more detail, follow up on some location ideas, talk about how the organizational structure will work - and more importantly - find out what kind of projects you're working on.

I know being involved with an organization at the start can be rocky and uncertain - but you'll also have the pride of getting something off the ground and knowing you were there at the beginning! Please help us prove there's more than corn in Indiana. There are hackers too!

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